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Treating skincare, health and hair care issues with our Pure Lavender Oil, Herbal Tea, etc.
An Introduction

Before the medical science was introduced, it was all herbs and herbal products to treat and cure problems. Be it hair related, skin or health related. Herbal products have been always found safe due to their composition of natural ingredients. The people who understood this little but powerful secret have been leading a healthy lifestyle since then. To make people aware of benefits of herbal products and provide them with some of high quality, we, Jishan Herbal, have come into existence as a manufacturer of an extensive line of herbal products. From Jishan Hand Rub to Herbal Tea, Rose Water to Pure Lavender Oil and Shiny Pet Shampoo, we have herbal products for everything. Indians have been using herbal remedies for medicinal purposes for centuries now. And, the ones that are made in India are highly demanded Internationally. Seizing the opportunity, we began exporting a good percentage of our products worldwide using our nonviable logistic network. Thus, earning the reputation of a reliable exporter.

Serving to society

The backbone of our company is Dr. Payal Joshi Ratneshwar, who works as an Ayurveda Consultant and prefers dedicating her working hours to provide happiness to patients through amazing Ayurvedic results. She also performs researches that would help in the development of new herbal products. Use of the purest extracts obtained from the berries, herbs, flowers, leaves, roots or barks of the plant. Therefore, Jishan Hand Rub, Pure Lavender Oil and other products we offer are safe to use and highly effective.

Understanding our social responsibility, we also provide free consultation and free Ayurvedic treatment to cancer patients since our emergence. Besides, we hold different disease diagnosis and treatment camps in different locations of Gujarat. Till today, we have managed to participate in 45 plus medical camps and our camp work has benefited thousands of people.

Considering this, many entities have also set stronger bonds with us. Some major customers we have are named as:

  • Brahma Kumaris (Rajkot, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, and Mt. Abu).
  • Siddha Samadhi Yoga (Rajkot, Pune, and Bangalore).
  • Kanya Kelavani Mandal (Dhrol).
  • Pushti Margiya Haveli (Jetpur).
  • Junior Chamber International (Rajkot and Jetpur).
  • Karmayogi Mall (Matoda), etc.

Our Aim

The objectives of our company are cited below:

  • To offer our customers herbal products of the purest form.
  • To help people live a life that is close to nature.
  • To promote women empowerment.
  • Eradicate the issues of malnutrition in children.
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